Overcoming Obstacles

The past two weekends I’ve spent at two of the CrossFit Games Regional Competitions. Not only do I care for CrossFitters during my regular business hours, but I also support some of them at competitions. I love competition whether it be in a class at the gym with your best friend, in a huge arena against your rival, or even with yourself only a daily basis.
Last weekend in the SoCal Regional Lindsey Valenzuela poured her heart into all seven workouts and won! I’ve been supporting Lindsey for quite some time now. This woman has grown so much in the last year.  I remember watching Lindsey during the chipper at The CrossFit Games 2012 and thinking, “I’m watching the metamorphosis of a good athlete into a phenomenal athlete”. That Saturday in 2012 Lindsey really started to believe in herself. This past regional competition in San Diego Lindsey got her mind right and did what she had to do in each workout. She is an unstoppable force. Watch out!


While Lindsey was battling it out in SoCal, Sam Briggs was in Europe reminding the world of who she is as she took first place. Yes, she took off the past year because of a knee injury, but that only made her hungrier. My belief is that in a true athlete an injury only fuels the fire. For someone like Sam, you tell her not to use her legs for a few months, then she will train muscle-ups and shoulder press all day. The injury may have slowed her down for a moment but it will not hold her back. Sam is an experienced competitor and hungry to win.

This past weekend Kiwi Ruth Anderson-Horrell fought for her return ticket to the CrossFit Games. In the past year, Ruth has increased her training and lifting. She has opened a CrossFit Affiliate called CrossFit Wild South. And, Ruth is a sheep farmer and a veterinarian in New Zealand. This woman has a lot on her plate, and Ruth still managed to qualify for the CrossFit Games a third time.

The same time Ruth was competing, I was in NorCal supporting Miranda Oldroyd’s comeback. Speaking of overcoming adversity, this woman decided to try some new cervical spine hardware out in some regional workouts. Ten months ago Miranda was in a motor vehicle accident in which she broke one of her cervical spine vertebrae. Long story short, she had surgery and got back into training about six months ago. Of course the last thing she added into her training was handstand push-ups. Think about it, ten months ago this little lady had no idea if she could ever do CrossFit again. Yet this weekend Miranda completed the three-day regional competition that included 50 handstand push-ups! Miranda finished the Northern California Regional Competition in 7th place!


I mention these women because they are strong, motivated, and determined. They are no different than you and me. They set goals and work to achieve them. As with anything in life I relate it to pregnancy and birth. I’ve been fortunate enough to support women during the second birth achieve the VBAC of their dreams. Each one of the women that had a successful VBAC did their homework and prepared. I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park, but I am saying if you dream it, you can achieve it.

There will be obstacles in life and in birth. Shit happens. However, if you put your mind to something and do the work, great things are guaranteed to happen- pregnancy, birth, competition, or your career. Obstacles are just beautiful learning lessons. There is always a silver lining;)


AMRAP 10 minutes

5 Hang Clean and Jerks (95, 65, 45, PVC)

10 Pull-ups

20 Walking lunges

200m Run


  • Hang clean and jerk can be done with KB or DBs if belly is in the way.
  • The weights are listed for advanced, intermediate, beginner, and never touched a weight before.
  • Pull-ups can be done with a band or substitute ring rows.
  • The run can be a 250m row, 50 doubles, 150 singles, or even a walk.
  • Breathe:)

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