I expect a lot out of you.

Walking through the airport takes you right out of your comfortable, safe community and throws you into the real world. Every time I go to the airport I’m reminded at how blessed my life truly is. Not only do I fall asleep and wake up daily with my soul mate, but also we actually give a shit about making each other better human beings. We care about the other’s workouts, food preparation, work and stress, and of course sleep.
Today, while at the airport, I witnessed a heard of people waiting in line for McDonald’s. As I sat reading my non-fiction book waiting to board, I saw the pilots carry bags of McDonald’s onto the plane I would be a passenger on. Not only do I hate fast food of any kind (McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s, etc), but I cannot stand watching other people eat it. Standing there in the airport, I witnessed my pilot eating low-performance foods.

As a chiropractor, I take my responsibility of being a doctor very seriously. I make sure to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night. I do not eat grains, dairy, legumes, artificial sugars, or anything processed. And, I exercise. Every day I go into to treat patients, I want to be on my ‘A’ game. It’s not fair to the patient, if I’m anything less than my top-notch self.

So, what’s different between the pilot and me? Or, me and every other person standing in that herd of people at McDonald’s?


Except the fact that I expect a lot more out of myself. I expect myself to be the best version of me every damn day.

Leaving the grocery store this evening, I was asked if I needed help with my one bag because the worker knew the water bottles were heavy. I was almost offended. I can most certainly can carry two one-liter water bottles on my own.

When the heck did we let go of high expectations of our fellow human beings? 

I expect a lot out of the people I’m close to, but at the same time, I want them to hold me to a higher standard.

There is not point in settling.




I challenge you to make one change to your lifestyle this week. 

Walk 20 minutes.

10 perfect squats.

10 breaths in downward dog.

10 Cat/Camels.

Repeat three times.


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