BirthFIT Mamas

As I mentioned in my previous, not-so-lengthy blog, I was at the CrossFit Games SoCal Regional competition this past weekend. The entire weekend was awesome. I got to see some familiar faces, meet new friends, and one of the athletes I treat won so that was the icing on the cake.
One of my most favorite things of the weekend, was running into BirthFIT Mamas. Amongst me running around all frantic, I had women that stopped me because of BirthFIT. That kind of stuff MAKES MY DAY. To know that I’ve made a difference in your pregnancy and/or birth is like music to my ears.

BirthFIT is just over 18 months old. You BirthFIT Mamas are the reason I live out my passion. Thank you!



For time:

20 OHS

20 Knees to elbows.

15 OHS

15 Hollow rocks.

10 OHS

10 Perfect push ups.


1 min Plank hold


Advanced: 65#

Intermediate: 45#

Beginner: PVC or 15# bar

Push ups can be scaled and/or elevated.

Plank hold can be on forearms or not.


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