Fabulous Friday Updates

Friday Updates

BirthFIT Basics Workshop this Saturday, May 11th at CrossFit Fly in Newport Beach, CA.

Prenatal and postpartum chiropractic appointments at Berlin Wellness in Santa Monica on Mondays.

Next weekend look for Dr. Mathews at the CrossFit Games SoCal Regionals as she supports Lindsey Valenzuela road to the games.

BirthFIT and Berlin teaming up for awesome prenatal fitness classes. More info coming in the future.

Personalized Pregnancy Planning: 50% off in June. Message me (Lindsey@Birthfit.com ) for more information.

Apparel hitting the scene soon.


Bodyweight Fridays: Workout

400m Run

21 Box Jumps (step ups)

21 Ring Dips

400m Run

15 Box Jumps (step ups)

15 Ring Dips

400m Run

9 Box Jumps (step ups)

9 Ring Dips

  • Just move. Fridays are most always going to be bodyweight exercises. That means no weights involved.
  • The run can be replaced with a 500m row, 50 double unders, or 150 singles. You can always walk if you need.
  • Ring dips can be done on a stand, on elevated plates, or off of a box.
  • Remember to include rest when needed.

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