BirthFIT Basics Workshop


In 12min complete,

1000m Row


10 KB Goblet Squats

20m Bear Crawl (or Crab Walk)

10 Pull ups

20m Duck Walk (or Plank shuffle)

*20m of alternative can be whatever you feel comfortable with today. If bear crawl is the only thing you feel great about, then do that for both 20m portions. If duck walk and crab walk are you thing today, then do those two.

*Advanced: 44#, Intermediate: 35#, Beginner: 18#. Remember these are ceilings and advised not to go any higher. Also, some days you may feel stronger than others, so be aware of that and do not beat yourself  up.

*Pull ups can and should be done on a band if you cannot do ten in a row.


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