Hot Yoga Advice for Pregnancy

Recently, I’ve incorporated yoga back into my life. Once a week I make sure to practice yoga for a minimum of thirty minutes whether it is at a studio or in our living room. Lately, I’ve done a lot of hot yoga, which I love. I do other styles of yoga as well, but I absolutely love warm temperatures. Hot yoga feels extremely therapeutic to me. It feels like a beneficial total body flush on my active recovery days.

As with anything I do in life, I think, “what if I were 25 weeks pregnant”? That’s a completely normal question to ask yourself on a regular basis, I know. So, I got to thinking and searching the Internet for any kind of information out there. There was definitely some opinions to stay clear of hot yoga, but out numbered by a lot of personal experiences that were super positive. Basically, I found nothing substantial in the realm of medical studies, but value the personal experiences. Therefore, I’ve formed my own opinion, which I would have done regardless.

I worked at a hot yoga studio while in chiropractic school. All too often I witnessed people trying to loose weight by ‘sweating it out’. I also witnessed people try to push their end range in various joints just a little too far because it was warm and they felt loose. I also witnessed people successfully supplement their weight lifting, marathon training, and other fitness programs with hot yoga. And of course, I witnessed some pregnant mamas continue their hot yoga practice well into their pregnancy. Hot yoga can be beneficial, but just as with anything in life, there are certain precautions to be aware of in order for you to have a safe practice, especially while pregnant.

Like I just said earlier, I like hot yoga for my active recovery because it’s not only challenging for my flexibility but a mental game for me as well. However, I do not like hot yoga to be used as s substitute for cardiovascular or endurance fitness nor do I advise engaging in hot yoga while pregnant if you have never tried a class in your life.

Hot yoga is a great supplement for someone that is functionally training and seeking all around excellent general fitness. Hot yoga is safe for a pregnant woman that has previously practiced hot yoga on a regular basis. There are places in this world in which the temperatures are above 100 degrees on a daily basis, and women there are successful in pregnancy and birth. Our bodies have a natural cooling system, i.e. sweat, so it knows what to do when standing outside at a baseball in Houston, Texas. Below are are a few tips if you wish to continue your already developed hot yoga practice in pregnancy.

Tips for maintaining a hot yoga practice while pregnant:

  • Wear minimal, non-slip clothing that is fitted for your body.
  • Have a hand towel and water near by.
  • Bring a thermometer to take your core body temperature.
  • Set up your mat near the door because this is where the cooler air is and easy access incase you have to leave soon.
  • Take breaks when needed.
  • Learn and utilize the safe modifications for certain poses.
  • Focus more on muscle activation and mobility rather than stretching to end range.
  • Any signs or symptoms of dizziness, light headedness, or dehydration, then stop and take a break. Lay in savasana or walk out of the hot room.
  • Do not start hot yoga of any sort unless you’ve previously practiced for at least six months with a consistency of 2-3 times a week.



Above is a video for a sun salutation. Try that 2-3 times through.

4 Rounds

2 Right KB Cleans, 2 KB Front Squats, 2 KB Push Press (35#)

2 Left KB Cleans, 2 KB Front Squats, 2 KB Push Press

500m Row (CHILL) or 800m walk

*KB weight should be light.

*RX is 35#. Do not go any heavier.

*This is an easy movement day.


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