Your Birth Philosophy

Discovering Your Birth Philosophy 
If you are newly pregnant, you’ve probably discovered that everyone from your mother-in-law to your best friend to your hair stylist has opinion about birth. These opinions could be the same, different, and possibly nowhere near what you believe. And that’s okay. In fact, I’m stoked that you have an opinion!

Here’s the deal: no pregnancy or birth is ever the same. Not even from one sibling to the next. Your birth will not be a cookie cutter mold of your best friend’s that already gave birth a year prior. Every birth is different.

Whether it is your first or fourth child take some time to figure out your ‘birth philosophy’. You are determining your vision for this birth. You are staring difficult questions directly in the eyes and answering them honestly. Now is the time to discover your birth philosophy as opposed to week 39 of your pregnancy.

This exercise can be done as a vision board, on a page in your journal, or on a plain sheet of paper. The important thing to remember is to start with a blank canvas- no one else’s opinions but your own.

On your blank canvas…come up with your own answers to the real life questions and discover your birth philosophy.



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