Questions to ask your healthcare provider.

Below is a list of ten questions to ask potential doctors or midwives that you are considering delivering your baby. These questions are just a baseline, so you can add or take away what ever does not suit you. Remember, no matter what, go with your gut. Trust yourself.

  • What is your birth philosophy?
  • Labor and delivery is unpredictable, who will deliver my baby? Who will deliver if you are not available?
  • How do you feel about un-medicated natural births?
  • What is your cesarean rate?
  • What is your VBAC rate?
  • What do you consider as a high-risk pregnancy?
  • What is your past due date protocols?
  • Comfort measures for labor and delivery?
      • Movement?
      • Various positions?
      • Food?
      • Massage?
      • Medication?
  • Where can I give birth (hospital, home, center)?
  • How much is everything? Diagnostic testing, follow up appointments, etc?




Advanced (44#), Intermediate (35#), Beginner (18#)


KB Clean and Jerks

800m Run


Goblet Squats

*Run can be a row (1000m).

*Dumb bells can be used as well. On goblet squat you would only use one dumb bell. If you use DBs, make sure you can at least do 5 reps in a row.

*Rest as needed.


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