Questions to Ask Your OBGYN or MIDWIFE

Below is a list of ten questions to ask potential doctors or midwives that you are considering delivering your baby. These questions are just a baseline, so you can add or take away what ever does not suit you. Remember, no matter what, go with your gut. Trust yourself.

  • What is your birth philosophy?
  • Labor and delivery is unpredictable, who will deliver my baby? Who will deliver if you are not available?
  • How do you feel about un-medicated births?
  • Have you seen an unmedicated birth?
  • What is your cesarean rate?
  • What is your VBAC rate?
  • What do you consider as a high-risk pregnancy?
  • What is your past due date protocols?
  • Comfort measures for labor and delivery?
      • Movement?
      • Various positions?
      • Food?
      • Massage?
      • Medication?
  • Where can I give birth (hospital, home, center)?
  • How much is everything? Diagnostic testing, follow up appointments, etc?
  • What is the number one reason for transfers or cesareans for mothers in your care?


This list isn’t exhaustive. It’s a start. You might have some other questions that need to be answered for you based on your values and personal beliefs. It is better to have these conversations with your doctor or midwife as soon as possible. Remember, you are paying for their services. If you don’t like their answers, change providers.



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