Local Resources: Venice, CA

BirthFIT is striving to be the premier resource guide for those 40 fabulous weeks we like to call pregnancy. I’ve been working on an in depth local resource guide for locations that have been requested. However, it crossed my mind that as a Venice local, I needed to seek our those resources around close to me. To my pleasant surprise, there are a ton of pregnancy-related resources in less than a five mile radius of where I reside. Below is a list of resources that I, as a woman living in Venice, CA, would utilize.

Art of Nursing Care, Inc.

3013 Washington Blvd

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


(310) 990-2662

Baby Daze

Baby Boutique

1706 Ocean Park Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 692-9650

Berlin Wellness- Santa Monica

3435 Ocean Park Blvd Suite 101,

Santa Monica, CA 90405

(424) 272-1021

Birth & Beyond Birth Partners

Childbirth Education & Doula Services

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Neighborhood: Santa Monica

(310) 837-5686

Baby Nurse & Doula Services

Veronica Hinojosa-Stang

The Birth Sanctuary

11965 Venice Blvd, Suite 307

Los Angeles, California 90066

(800) 692-4788

Dragon Fly Natural Health

 13101 Washington Boulevard Suite 216

Los Angeles CA 90066

(323) 929-7009


Dakota Johnston

Doula, Student Midwife

Dr. Stuart Fischbein


The above is just a list for the Venice, Mar Vista, and Marina Del Rey area in Southern California. If you would like to be part of the resource list, or know a service that would like to be mentioned, then let me know. This is definitely an on going project.

In the making….

South Bay

Long Beach

South Bay

Long Beach

Santa Monica

Greater Los Angeles/Miracle Mile

Orange County


Austin, Texas

Houston, Texas

Salt Lake City, Utah 


Complete for Time

500m Row (or 400m Run)

20 Pistols (alternating)

12 DB Strict Press

500m Row

20 Pistols

6 DB Strict Press

500m Row

20 Pistols

3 DB Strict Press

500m Row

*Row can be a run or 40 lunges.

*Use dumb bells in which you can complete 6 Reps with no problem.

*For this workout, think about moving at a steady pace. Just keep moving.

*For Pistols, hold on to something for balance if needed.


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