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Maternal care in our country makes me sad. We are at the bottom of the list amongst industrialized nations in the category. Our society cannot figure out pregnancy and birth. In the last 25 years, the rate of pregnancy-related deaths has more than doubled, the c-section rate is at least one in three women, and it is very rare to find a doctor or midwife that will deliver a breech presentation baby.
When I read articles, like the one I just read today (Why are so many U.S. women dying during childbirth?), it infuriates me. I could say a few choice curse words here, but you get the point. It pisses me off. There is no reason for such a flunking grade in the department of pregnancy and birth. We have all the shiny tools and fancy gadgets, right?

Women have been delivering babies for eons upon eons. Our bodies know innately what to do. So, how come our society is screwing it up so bad? My theory is that we are trying to control nature rather than facilitate the natural process.

“What hospitals can also do, many say, is promote spontaneous, vaginal births — the safest for mothers and babies,” stated Michael Munz, the author of the above article.

Wow. That’s a change, right? When’s the last time you or a woman you knew came across a doctor that let labor happen and stepped in only during a true emergency situation? More often, labor happens according the to the schedule of others rather the schedule of the little one.

There was an article I read a while back written by an ObGyn titled Top Ten Signs Your Doctor is Planning an Unnecessary Cesarean Section On You. “Your baby is too big” or “Your pelvis is small” or “You’ve already pushed for two hours” are all too common phrases that lead me to believe that the ObGyn will not last all night and into the next day to support a vaginal birth.

My opinion: chill with the drugs, the inducing, the cesarean sections, and let birth be.

BirthFIt- Create Life2


Advanced (100#-115#), Intermediate (75-100#), Beginner (PVC-65#)

AMRAP 6 min.

3 Power Snatches

6 Toes to Bar

-Rest 3 min-

AMRAP 6 min

3 Power Snatches

6 Ring Dips

-Rest 3 min-

AMRAP 6 min

3 Power Snatches

6 Pull Ups

  • You want the weight to be a little on the medium to heavy end. For instance, if my PR is 115# then I would use 95# as long as I could do three reps in a row without stopping.
  • If the belly is in the way, then do dumb bell snatches. Perhaps advanced use 55-65#, intermediate use 35-45#, and beginners use 20# or less.
  • Toes to bar can be substituted with knees to elbow or even hollow rocks.
  • Ring dips can be on a stand or use a band. You can also do on an elevated box.
  • Pull ups can be done with a band or ring rows if you would like.
  • The rest between each AMRAP can be 3-6 min if you want to keep it tight. Otherwise, take as long as you need and hydrate.

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