An Easy Guide to Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets can be a great way for you to live a more ‘green’ lifestyle. However, they can be super intimidating if you have never been to one. Whenever I travel, I try to stop in on at least one farmer’s market to get local, seasonal produce to snack on and share with the people I know. Here are a few of my tips for navigating the farmer’s market scene…

Farmers Markets Benefits:

  • Good for the environment.
  • Increase local produce.
  • Strengthen the community.
  • Find veggies, eggs, meats, fish, clothing, soaps, etc.
  • A lot of markets are open year round with seasonal crops.

Questions to ask farmers:

  • Where is your farm?
  • Do you use pest control or fertilizer? If so, what?
  • What do you feed your animals and how are they raised?
  • In reference to produce, when was this picked?
  • Do you have any favorite recipes?

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BirthFIT’s Verison of 13.5:

AMRAP 4min.

9 Thrusters (65#)

9 Pull ups

Rest 2 min.

AMRAP 4min.

9 Thursters

9 Pull ups

* Advanced (65#), Intermediate (45#), Beginner (PVC).

* Dumb bells can be used if the belly gets in the way.

*Assitance on pull ups is definitely okay. 


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