Fuel for Labor & Delivery

Fuel during labor and delivery is OKAY. Ice chips will not get your body through the marathon of labor and delivery. Think about it. If you’re participating in an adventure race, a marathon, or even a CrossFit competition, you are not going to go out and just chew on ice chips. Most likely you will prepare. You will have energy bars, electrolyte enhanced waters, and even small nutrient dense meals.

Labor and delivery will be your ultra marathon, CrossFit Games, or even your Eco Challenge Race. Whether you actually want to do any of these big events or not, I would advise you to start to view birth in this way so that you’re prepared.

This particular blog post is to encourage you to prepare fuel for birth. You have no idea how long the birth of your child will be. It could be four hours or three days. Every birth is different. That means from one woman to the next and from one child of the same mother to the next child, EVERY BIRTH IS DIFFERENT. Get your fuel ready. Have fuel handy for you to eat between contractions or even after your give birth.

Women often ask me what they should eat during labor and delivery. I often answer that they should think about what they would eat during and after an event or competition. For example, if I’m competing in a soccer tournament or in a CrossFit competition, I know that I want sweet potatoes immediately upon the first game or event. If I have an hour or two, then I want a quick protein source such as bison, beef, or chicken. If I feel I need a little pick me up, then I go with sliced oranges or grapefruits. These foods make me feel good.

So, as for you during labor and delivery, I would say have foods that make you feel good and make you smile. Have foods that are convenient. Here’s a list of foods that may be beneficial during labor and delivery. Remember, every woman is differ


ent, so one may love to sip on bone broth while laboring, while another may prefer just lemon water. Find fuel that you enjoy and prep for your labor.


  • Water, coffee, tea or spa style water.
  • Lemon and/or cucumber water.
  • Coconut butter.
  • Prepared grain-free soups and freeze them.
  • Bone broth to sip on.
  • Paleo energy balls.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • White potatoes.
  • Wild/White rice (if tolerated).
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Coconut water.
  • Bite size beef and/or chicken.
  • Slices of bacon.
  • Hard boiled eggs.
  • Molasses, honey, sea salt, coconut water mixture for minerals and electrolytes.



5X5 Overhead Squats from a rack

Advanced (95#-115#)

Intermediate (45# barbell – 85#)

Beginners (PVC – 33# barbell)

*The numbers are a range.  If you feel comfortable doing 45# for all five sets, then do so. If you feel comfortable going up on the third set, then do so.

*Give yourself a few minutes between each set. Check in with yourself before you continue. This is completely based on how you feel.


4 Rounds

Advanced: 26#, Intermediate: 18#, Beginner: 9#

100m Farmer’s Carry (i.e. hold one 26# KB in each hand)

20 Pistols (use something for balance)

10 Double KB Cleans (i.e. hold one 26# KB in each hand)


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