BirthFIT [Video] Interview with Cindy Andresen

I met Cindy earlier this year through a mutual friend. She shared her birth story with me. Then, I had to grab a camera and share it with the rest of the world! You will love this charming mama!


5 X 3 Split Jerks

The focus here is technique. The weight should definitely be manageable.

4 Rounds

10 Clean and Jerks

20 Walking lunges (Options: farmer carry dumb bells or no weight)

800m Run (Options: 500m Row, 100 double unders, or walk 200m)

*Dumb Bells: Advanced- 35#, Intermediate-25#, Beginner-10#

*Barbells: Advanced- 85#, Intermediate-65#, Beginner-45#

*These weights are a ceiling. Do not go any higher.

*Add a built in rest after each round if you would like.


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