Who’s in your FIRE CIRCLE?

Who’s in your fire circle?
I listened to a podcast almost daily while driving in Los Angeles. I recently listened to a podcast (PaleoView) in which Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple was a guest. He spoke on numerous issues. However, the subject of a “fire circle” came up and I think it is quite relevant in our modern world.

Today many people isolate themselves. No one wants to be seen or heard. No one wants to draw attention to themselves. And, devices such as the iPhone and iPad don’t make it any better. Think about it… a girl walks into the gym with her headphones in, does the stair stepper for 30 minutes, and then walks out. If she did not come the next day, no one would notice. This is not okay by me.


You see, a fire circle concept is basically a circle of close friends. No, not all of your Facebook friends, but rather a handful of people you could call on to help you out, to play cards with, or even grab coffee with sometimes. These are people in which you trust and they trust you.

I want to live in a community that holds me accountable, shares laughs with me, and lends a shoulder or helping hand when I need one. I want to be surrounded by people that make me a better human being daily.

Just because our modern society does not promote intimate community settings does not mean that they are not normal. In fact, village style settings have been around forever amongst many cultures. Haven’ t you heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child?” Well, it’s the truth.

Today woman have become isolated in the pregnancy and birth process, too. This often leaves them feeling alone and under the care of an ObGyn who spends very minimal time with them. Historically, women have supported each other through pregnancy, birth, and even during the postpartum period. I’m just not quite sure when it became acceptable in our society to isolate a woman while pregnant, during labor and delivery, and even while breastfeeding.

It is normal to want to share your experiences, even while pregnant. It is normal to want to talk about your labor and delivery. And, it is fine by me to breastfeed where ever you damn well please. I want women to feel like they have an entire community supporting them through their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period.

Villages and Communities to lookout for:

  • BirthFIT Classes at Deuce Gym. Pregnancy educational and movement classes.
  • Sacred Pregnancy. Pregnancy and birth journey classes in certain areas around the world.
  • Berlin Wellness Village. A weekly gathering in the Miracle Mile area.



BirthFIT’s Version of Nancy

5 Rounds:

400m (or 500m Row or 50 lunges)

15 OHS (65#, 45#, PVC)

Rest 2 min

*KB front squats are a great substitution for a large belly.


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  • Just stumbled across your fb page yesterday and am loving this blog. I have a sixteen month old, but we’re starting to talk about trying for number two and all of your info is so helpful. I started crossfit 6 months postpartum, adopted the paleo lifestyle 7 months postpartum, and my life has been changed remarkably. (I’m actually writing a book about it!).
    I look forward to navigating through the nuances of maintaining an active and clean lifestyle while pregnant the next time around, because I was far from it last time (211lbs when I got pregnant at 26 – obese for my 5’8″ frame). Despite starting out that way, the act of carrying a child was revolutionary for my mind/heart (where food issues stem) and my perspective on food changed so much, by the end of my pregnancy I’d only gained 13lbs. Now at 29, in the 160s (whenever I get around to checking which is hardly ever without a scale) my foundation is so much stronger, not just my body but my heart as well. Blogs and resources like this give me so much hope and excitement for what’s to come!

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