From conception to birth…it matters [video].

I came across this awesome article a while back in the Huffington Post. The author spent the last decade of his life studying and observing developmental biology. My major in undergrad at Texas A&M University was biology, so of course, I was immediately drawn to the article.
This article (with video included) shares the marvels of what happens from conception to birth. It still blows my mind that it takes only 40 weeks to make a little human, and that nature inherently knows what to do.

As more and more research is being conducted, there is more and more evidence that supports that what happens in utero affects the human for the rest of his or her life. As you can see from the video, while the fetus is developing, he or she is protected from the outside world and nourished by the mother for 40 weeks. It is very similar to a parasitic relationship.

It is the nerd inside of me that laughs whenever a couple is expecting begins to call their little one ‘Wormy’ or something to resemble a parasitic relationship because it is so ironically true.  This little creature is growing and developing inside of his or her mother. This creature is depending on the mother for nourishment. This growing human has put all trust inside of his or her mother to aid in transition into the real world.

I believe in something greater than you and me, which is why I believe that these little special spirits ultimately choose their transition into this world. Or if they do not make it into this world, they teach us or guide us into learning something about ourselves.

BirthFIT was not only founded for the mother, but also for the special spirits that enter this world. As many researchers are now confirming, what occurs during pregnancy matters a great deal. The food you eat matters. The stress you endure matters. The traumatic events that are experienced matter. The exercise and body maintenance that you do definitely matters. The 40 weeks of pregnancy are the most important weeks of your little special spirit’s life.


AMRAP 15 min (continuous movement)

Advanced (35#), Intermediate (25#), Beginner (18# or less)
Buy In: 800m run or 1000m row
10 Single leg dead lifts
10 HSPU/Handstand holds/Strict press
10 Single leg dead lifts
10 HSPU/Handstand holds/Strict press


  • If you do strict press, then use dumb bells (30#, 20#, or 10#).
  • If you are not so great at listening to your body, then make yourself rest 30s between rounds.
  • If you do not want to row or run, then do 100m Farmer’s carry with dumb bells.

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