Attn: Pregnant Athletes & Coaches

Here’s the deal…
Hands down, I’m the biggest supporter of women exercising while pregnant. However, if you are going to compromise biomechanics, technique, and not go about it in an intelligent manner, then I will be the first to tell you to sit on the bench.

I know I’ve given guidelines to follow in prior blog posts. Yet, this past month I’ve seen videos and photos of women deadlifting with a rounded spine, not looking up at the weight in a Turkish Get Up, and even women with an eight month belly snatching with a barbell for the CrossFit Open workout 13.1. There is no way that a woman can keep the barbell close to her if she has a big belly in the way.


I don’t know if it is the women wanting to prove something or the lack of experience in their coaches, but it is not worth it. Pregnancy is temporary, but bad habits and injuries can last a lifetime. Be smart about your training, so you can offer endless benefits to yourself and your baby.

Here’s an older post with some sample modifications.


  • Be able to socialize or sing the alphabet while working out. Place rest increments throughout the workout.
  • Weight should be comfortable. I have heard stories of women PR’ing during the first trimester, but it was by accident. This is not the time to max out.
  • Drink lots and lots of water. Hydration is key.
  • If your belly is growing, then modify movements. It’s not the end of the world. It is the smart choice.
  • If you need help with workouts, then talk to your coach or contact BirthFIT.


Spend 20 min on Turkish Get Ups (Switch arms).

Make use of kettle bells, dumb bells, and even a barbell if you are feeling comfortable.

Rest 5 min.

AMRAP 5 min:

8 OH walking lunges with KB in right hand

4 push press with right hand

8 OH walking lunges with KB in left hand

4 KB push press with left hand.


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