Could you trust your body?

What if you did not have access to all the technology and shiny tools that are available to you today?
What if our society wasn’t constructed around instant gratification?

Today I was without my phone for a couple of hours while I attempted to transfer my old phone data to my new phone. During that time, I rode the elevator down to get some coffee at the shop across the street. The girls know me there because I always say hello and ask them how their days are going. During that time, I also had a patient that was extremely worried about having her baby in the car and her husband not having a clue as to what to do.


Then, it just dawned on me. Most of us are not comfortable in our own skin, much less the environment we are living in. When we stand in line at the supermarket, there is hardly any small talk because everyone is checking the latest social media updates. When we get in an elevator, no one looks up from their phones or even smiles. When something hurts, most look for the nearest painkiller. When we get a little uncomfortable in our bodies, most turn to a pill or an injection for a quick fix.

As I tell my patients, our bodies communicate with us. This can happen through pain, increased breathing, nausea, headaches, sweating, numbness, tingling, stomachaches, and so many more symptoms. If we just mute the symptoms, then we have no idea what our body is trying to communicate.

Coming back to the question of my completely freaked out patient. If you do so happen to have your baby in a place that you had not planned, trust your body. It is a natural process. Talk to your partner about the rare possibility of this actually happening. Both of you need to present, calm, and able to breathe. Then, just guide your body and let it do what it knows to do.

Yes, we have access to cell phones today. So, I’m sure by the time your partner has pulled the car over, that he or she has called for an ambulance. That way if any medical conditions need to be addressed, then the paramedics will most likely be at your location by the time the baby is born.

We are fortunate to have access to things like the iPhone and fetal heart rate monitors, but what would you do if it was just you, your baby, and your partner at the birth? No fancy machines, no white coats, and not even any mother-in-laws. Could you let go and trust your body? 



Similar to the first workout at the Femme Royale competition 3/2/13

Advanced (85#), Intermediate(65#), Beginner (35#)

3 Rounds

400m Run (Options: 500m row, 100m Bear Crawl)

20 Front Squats (Options: DB or KB or Air Squats)


Check in with yourself and see how the body is feeling today.

Run can be substituted for a row, walk, or even duck walk/bear crawl for 100m.

Front squats can be done with one or two kettle bells or a pair of dumb bells.


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