‘Femme Royale’ Competition

BirthFIT is a sponsor in the ‘Femme Royale‘ Women’s Only Competition this Saturday at Orange Coast CrossFit. I will be competing with a partner, the lovely Niki Marek, along with many fabulous ladies of Functional Fitness on the Bluffs and CrossFit Los Angeles. AND, just incase those guns weren’t big enough, two very talented athletes that represent BirthFIT & myself will be competing – Lindsey Valenzuela & Ruth Anderson Horrell.


I’m super excited to travel down to Orange County and support many women in their first competition. The community and atmosphere that comes with CrossFit competitions is unlike any other sport. As a chiropractor, I’ve worked at numerous sporting events, and there is nothing quite like the unity of the people versus the workout. Even though you are going head to head with the person beside you, as soon as you are done, you are cheering for her/him to finish.

Lindsey Valenzuela will win an event, but she will not exit the floor until every other woman has finished. She will stay out there and fight the fight with them. As CrossFitters, we stand united to continue our quest to be the fittest version of ourselves that we can be.

If you are in Orange County this weekend, come out to the ‘Femme Royale’ competition at OCCF and just observe what the community is like. Who knows what the following Monday will bring for you…



Advanced (45#), Intermediate (35#), Beginner (25# or less)


1000m Row

45 Thrusters

30 Pull ups


Thrusters can be broken down into three movements: clean, squat, push press.
Thrusters can also be done with kettle bell or dumb bell.
Pull ups can be substituted for with ring rows or you can use a band. 

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