Facts of Life

Today I participated in a self-defense workshop put on by Functional Fitness on the Bluffs (aka Fake Gym). Tait Fletcher was the featured instructor along with Nate Harris. Tait is trained in jiu jitsu, has a history as a professional fighter, and has numerous years of experience teaching martial arts. There was probably twenty plus people in attendance, and I guarantee every person walked away with a pearl of knowledge.
It is said that a woman is attacked and/or raped every 2-3minutes in the United States. Personally, I’ve had a few instances that have been a little too close for comfort, so I had been looking forward to this for a while. After today’s workshop, I feel confident in knowing distinctly how to utilize my voice, how to take note of my surroundings, and how to choke a coward out if they were to ever be on top of me.

No, I’m not skilled in jiu jitsu now. However, I do have a foundation of basic self-defense skills and knowledge. As a woman, I have a lot more at stake than my boyfriend or brother. It’s just the facts of life. I encourage every woman, mother, sister, and aunt to take a self-defense seminar, workshop, or class.



Advanced & Intermediate (Weight is what you feel comfortable with today. Start light and increase) 

EMOM 10 min

1 Snatch pull

1 Hang Squat Snatch

-Rest 5 min-

AMRAP 8 min

6 KB snatches (A:44#; I:35#)

12 Pull ups

Beginner (18#)

EMOM 10 min

1 KB snatch left

1 KB snatch right

-Rest 5 min-

AMRAP 8 min

6 KB snatches

12 Ring Rows


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