‘Vector Quality’ as a Parent

As a mother, you have accepted the responsibility of caring and nurturing your child. You may have dreamed of this day your whole life or it may have come as a complete surprise to you. Either way, you’re a mother now and with that come certain responsibilities.

One of the great responsibilities is keeping your child healthy. In our society today, there are a million different food and drug commercials, billboards, Facebook ads, and apps for the cell phone.

How are you supposed to know what is healthy and what is not?

What do you allow you child to be exposed to and what do you not?

Don’t we have experts for certain subjects?

Could it really be that not everyone cares for my child the way I do?

It’s a tough society we live in. If you do not have a solid foundation of what you believe in, then you will basically just float along until something big happens forcing you to deal with the fork in the road.

I read a great blog the other day about possessing ‘Vector Quality.’ As a parent, mother or father, I encourage you to possess this ‘Vector Quality.’ Per the blog and physics, a vector has a force and direction.

Research and become educated in every choice you have to make as a parent. If you are choosing on the type of birth you want to have. Evaluate all options including a birth center, home birth, or hospital. When making a birth plan, I encourage you to look up every little question you are not familiar with. When someone wants to vaccinate your child, I beg you to read everything and make a decision that you believe in.

If you have made a decision out of fear, then go back and re-evaluate the situation. There should be no reason to be pressured into vaccine injections, for example, or pressured into something you are just unsure about. Above all, make all decisions out of love. When you make a decision out of love, it comes from deep within your soul. No matter what happens, you made the right choice for you and your family.


Great information for parents:DrMomma DrSears NVIC Primal Parent 


Advanced (115#), Intermediate (85#), Beginner (65# or less)

Complete the following:

30 Front Squats

Then, 3 Rounds of

20 KB Cleans (medium weight)

10 Air squats

500m Row


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