CrossFit & Pregnancy: It’s perfectly normal.

Many of you lovely ladies that read this blog are avid CrossFitters. Every week I get at least one or two questions in regards to being pregnant and modifications. However, most of these women are far away from me and have not had the opportunity to attend a BirthFIT Basics Workshop or class. This blog will give you a brief overview of how to take on CrossFit and other fitness routines while pregnant. Even if you do not participate in CrossFit regularly, this blog will still benefit you.
First and foremost, remember that you are pregnant. If you have to say, “I’m pregnant” every time you walk into the gym in your first trimester, by all means do so. While you are pregnant, your main objective should be to maintain fitness. This is not the appropriate time to try to PR in the clean and jerk. However, it is the perfect time to address mobility issues and work on general fitness.

Take each day as a new day. If you get to your gym and you just don’t feel like doing the workout of the day, then go for a walk or mobilize for half an hour. In the same way that each day is a different experience, so too is each pregnancy. One client I have ran every day during her first pregnancy up until her due date, but during her second pregnancy, she only preferred pilates. Pay attention to your body and what it is requesting of you.

Give yourself rest. This means both rest during workouts, and taking full rest days. Hypothetically speaking, if you go in and want to do Fran one day during your pregnancy, then add rest in the workout. Perhaps add a one to two minute rest after each round.

Weight should be comfortable. The weights you decide to use in a workout should be comfortable. You should be able to move them with correct biomechanics all the way through the workout. In general, my rule has been stay around 50-60% of your max, or a load that you can practice virtuosity. Even if you are just lifting, keep it safe and pay attention to form.

Drink water and chat. The idea is to be comfortable. If you need a drink of water, then stop the workout and go sip some water. Hydration is vital. When working out, be sure you can carry on a conversation. If you do not like talking while working out, then make sure you can sing along to the music. Drink and socialize.

Below is a list of useful modifications:
Push ups = inclined push ups
Pull ups = banded pull ups, ring rows
Toes to bar = knees to elbows
Running = rowing
Thrusters= clean, squat, push press
HSPU = DB strict press plus hollow hold
Below is list of pregnant friendly exercise:
KB snatches
KB single leg dead lifts
Farmer’s carry lunges/walks
Push Press or Strict press
Front squats
Movements to be very cautious of while pregnant:
Back squats especially as your bump grows it will increase stress to the spine.
Muscle ups are not worth it if you were to slip and fall.

Consult with your healthcare provider before exercising. Exercise at your own risk. Remember, this is just advice. As your progress through your pregnancy, remember that movements will become uncomfortable. This is normal. Realize that it is not the end of the world if you can no longer do a movement or a certain amount of weight. Be grateful for your healthy body. 



Advanced (175#), Intermediate (135-155#), Beginner (95-115#)

Perfect opportunity to modify if needed.

400m run

8 Deadlifts

16 Hand Stand Push-up
 (DB strict press)

300m run

6 Deadlifts

12 Hand Stand Push-up

200m run

4 Deadlifts

8 Hand Stand Push-up


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