Fabulous Friday Updates (So much to tell you).

Fabulous Friday BirthFIT Updates

  • I, Dr. Lindsey Mathews, will be participating in the Whole Life Challenge via my gym Functional Fitness on the Bluffs. As one of the coaches at the Fake Gym, I will be leading a group through the eight weeks of the challenge. Included in my group are women that are trying to get pregnant, those that have recently had babies, and those women that are expecting grandbabies and want to play with them! If you would like to join BirthFIT, then register in the link below and send me an email (Lindsey@birthfit.com).


  • BirthFIT is a sponsor at the Femme Royale Women Only Competition Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 in Orange County. If you and a girlfriend want to join the fun register in the link below. There is an RX division and a FUN division.


  • BirthFIT will be attending The Ultimate Prenatal Date Night hosted by the Berlin Wellness Group. There is space for 20 couples at a comedy club for a hearty dinner, drinks (beer and mockatails), and a comedy show all about pregnancy and parenting.  Dads do a 30 minute ‘Daddy Boot Camp’ to learn how to bond with a newborn and postpartum partner while moms huddle in for ‘Mommy Boot Camp’ and discuss the stuff that everyone else is too embarrassed to tell you.  Lucky couples win some awesome new parent gear and everyone leaves with mommy and daddy gift bags filled with swag. Click on the link below to sign up (Love20 gives you a discount til Friday night at 11pm).


Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 8.17.58 PM
  • The BirthFIT Basics classes will start the first week of May 2013. This will be an eight-week series of one class a week. The first hour will be educational and the second hour will be a workout, yoga, or some form of movement and mobility. Think of this as Pregnancy & Birth 101. This will be an expanded version of the BirthFIT Basics Workshops that I put on at CrossFit Gyms. Space is limited to eight women. This class is open to anyone at any gym. If you are at all interested, please let me know.
  • I know I keep promising my BirthFIT eBook out soon, but I’m in the publishing process. It will happen soon. Be on the lookout.
  • BirthFIT BasicsWorkhshop May 11, 2013 at CrossFit Fly
  • Beautiful collaborations between BirthFIT, Christy Funk, and Natural Gumption in the future.
  • Awesome stuff to come from BirthFIT & Berlin Wellness Group working together on a few projects.

This is the makeup workout for the Fake Gym WLC for those on the road or different locations.


AMRAP 10 min

800m Run

40 lunges

40 situps

Max burpees in the time remaining.


If you are a beginner and not doing the challenge, then I would do AMRAP 8 minutes with a 400m run.

If situps are uncomfortable, then try hollow rocks or even elevated pushups.

If burpees are uncomfortable, then try plank to squat to jump or inverted burpees.

Always do what is comfortable for you.


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