Postpartum Advice

As of lately, postpartum is the subject matter.
Women have had their babies and want to get back in the gym. Yes, it does freak some people out to see a woman back in the gym soon after a baby. However, I believe that each woman knows her body better than anyone else, so she ultimately knows when it’s time to move again. That said, I do have my advice through the experience that I’ve had in treating and coaching women through and after pregnancy.

For start, remember that you just had a baby. Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth child, every pregnancy and birth is unique. So, approach each one with an open mind and heart. Give you self ample time to get to know your sweet new baby. There is no rush to get back in the gym or on the trails or in the water. All of that will still be there when the time is right for you to return to your desired activity.

The amount of activity you did prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy will definitely have an influence on your recovery. The time between one child and the next will also have an affect on your recovery. And, of course, nutrition prior and during pregnancy will affect your recovery.

My strict requirement is to not step foot in the gym to workout if it’s been less than six weeks. Walks with the baby are fine. Watching your partner workout in the gym is fine. When people ask me how long they should wait to go back to their favorite fitness class, I give a strict six weeks answer. This is not because I don’t think the mom is a superhero. But rather, I want the new mama to spend time bonding with the baby.

Once you are back in the gym, eight weeks or even twelve weeks later, focus on movement. Just as during pregnancy, this is not the time for PRs. This is the time to re-introduce correct biomechanics to your body. This is the time to activate your glute muscles. This is the time to teach your lats to engage and to set your shoulders. This is the time to find and establish the hollow position, so that when you do start to move weight again that you do so correctly and efficiently.

If you are worried about dropping wait after the baby, you shouldn’t be. But, I do understand it is some women’s minds. Breastfeeding, walking, and the natural physiological processes within our bodies will contribute to getting rid of baby weight.

Be present. Don’t rush it. You will know when the time is right to return. And, above all don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes you 12 weeks to do any sort of fitness methodology. Respect and be grateful for your time you have with your new little special spirit.





Advanced (35# & 25# plate), Intermediate (26# & 10# plate), Beginner (18# & no plate).

5 Dumb bell Clean & Jerks

10 Pull Ups

15 Box Jumps or Step-ups

20 Overhead Walking lunges



Thrusters can be done with KB if those are more comfortable.

Pull ups can be done with super bands.

Box size is for your comfort level.




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