Delay cord cutting [Penny Simkin video].

We’ve all seen in movies where the first thing to do once the baby is born is to have the dad ‘cut the cord’. In Western cultures, such as ours, this can occur as soon as thirty seconds after the baby enters this world. However, babies that experienced delayed cord cutting by three to five minutes will receive at least 1/3 more blood volume that was previously circulating from baby and placenta.

Penny Simkin demonstrates why we should delay cord cutting in a newborn.

Advanced (35#), Intermediate (25#), Beginner (15#)
5X5 Dead lifts (Last set should be about 60% 1 rep max and comfortable)
-rest as needed-
3 Rounds
800m Run
15 Pull ups
-rest as needed-
3 Rounds
20 DB Walking lunges
10 Hang Clean
5 Push Press
*Modifications/Recommendations: This is a longer workout, so just stay moving. You can even break it up into a morning lift and come back in the afternoon for the two three-rounders. If you are feeling exhausted after the first three-rounder, then definitely stop and save the other workout for another time. This is a lot of skills in one day as well. If you would want to do the running and pull ups twice instead of the dumb bell workout, then do so. Or vice versa. These workouts are always a suggestion. Listen to your body and do what you feel like doing today. Have fun! 

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