Four Barrel Coffee says bye-bye to soy.

This past weekend I found out that Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco banned soy as a milk alternative. The moment I found out, I think I did a fist pump in the air accompanied with a, “Hell yea!”

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Soy is not synonymous with health food.

It has been shoved in our society’s face imitating health because of immense marketing. Over $80 billion a year is spent by the United Soybean’s marketing campaign. Then, on top of that money, there are states such as Maryland, Virginia, North Dakota, and Michigan that will contribute another few billions of dollars to market soy and publish favorable research.

Get a load of this… In the fall of 1999, USDA allowed products to be labeled as “low in saturated fat and cholesterol” as long as they had a certain amount of soy per serving. (Read this AMAZING paper in regards to soy to find out more information.)

Soy was and is still coming at people in all directions. Know what your dealing with, people.

  • Soy contains phytoestrogrens. This plant based estrogen mimics estrogen within our bodies and can significantly alter hormonal and physiological responses. These bodily processes are negatively affected whether it’s a baby being fed a soy formula or a grown woman that consumes tofu. [3]
  • Soy (especially unfermented) destroys our bodies’ normal physiology. Soy has a trypsin inhibitors which basically act as the name implies and subsequently impedes protein digestion. Soy also contains haemagglutinin, which acts to clot red blood cells, and goitrogens, which depress the thyroid function. And, soy contains a high percentage of phytic acid, which hinders the absorption of essential minerals. [4]
  • Soy is one of the biggest GMO crops. Genetically Modified Organisms contribute to infertility as well as a number of other issues. GMO’s were first introduced into our food supply in 1994, and there is only one study done in regards to the effects on humans after ingesting GMOs. [2]

P.S. Fermented soy is okay and somewhat beneficial. Think tempeh, miso, and unpasteurized soy sauce. Fermentation increases the bioavailability of the isoflavones, which are associated with production of probiotics.

In the big picture, read your labels. Know what you are consuming. And, if you must add something to your coffee, then try almond milk or grass-fed, full-fat butter or full fat milk. You might discover a whole new dimension of life.


1000m Row for time
4 Rounds
6 Strict Press (95#-115#)
12 Walking lunges with BB from presses
1000m Row for time
500m Row for time
4 Rounds
6 Strict Press (65#-85#)
12 Walking lunges with BB from presses
1000m Row for time
500m Row for time
2 Rounds
6 Strict Press (45#-65#)
12 Walking lunges with BB from presses
1000m Row for time
Always take note of how you are feeling today.
Rest as needed between rounds.
If BB on the back of your shoulders is not comfortable, then use DB for lunges.
Row can be run if you would like. 

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