Bone Broth: Magic Food

Remember when you used to come down with a cold and then your mother or grandmother would give you chicken soup? Or, remember when you were young and it was a cold winter and your grandmother would fix you a bowl of chicken soup to sip while sitting in front of a fire?
Those special bowls of soup made the whole world better. Those magic bowls of soup would nourish every limb in my body and make my heart feel warm and safe.

The soup our grandmothers made was quite different than the premade, store bought broths and soups that many people consume and rely on today. Those boxes of broths on the shelves at grocery stores have many additives, preservatives, and even sugar.

Real bone broth, like the stuff our grandparents know about, is made with real bones. Think chicken backs, feet, and necks, beef knuckles, ham hocks, lamb necks and hooves, and any other animal-derived matrices of calcium phosphate and collagen fibers.

Bone broth is a solid, efficient way to consume minerals and nutrients when you’re feeling under the weather, nauseous during your first trimester, or really any other reason you can think of. I consider bone broth magic food- the fat, the protein, and minerals. Bone broth provides minerals in their bioavailable forms for us to utilize almost immediately. Collagen and gelatin are super beneficial for our joints. Bone broth provides us with glycine, which is an amino acid and needed for many of our body’s physiological processes.

The picture below provides a link to the Balanced Bite’s bone broth recipe. If you have never made it, get on it because it will enhance your health. It may take one or two tries to get your particular recipe just right, but it is definitely worth it. Perfect your own bone broth so that you next winter you can sip on as a tea or use as a broth for a soup.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
3 Rounds
20 Med Ball Slams (20#, 14#, 10#)
20 Single leg dead lifts (35#, 26#, 18#)
400m farmer’s carry (2×44#, 2×35#, 2×26#) 

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