The Partner.

BirthFIT seeks to educate and empower women. This is a blog for women. However, today’s blog is for the partners. The ones don’t have a growing belly for nine months.
Recently, I’ve come across a few couples in which the transition into parenthood was more comfortable for the mother than the father. These particular couples each had fathers that worked full time and each couple only did basic child birth education classes such as CPR.


The majority of the time there is little to no emotional preparation for the father or partner involved. Then, one day the baby arrives and life has changed drastically. There is a little creature depending on the parents for survival, and that’s no small task. The mother needs you to be supportive, physically and emotionally, and pick up slack in both of your lives.

It’s common for the partner to not feel so “peachy perfect” after birth as the movies display. The father usually has to return to work sooner than the mother. He usually misses out in quality time with the new baby. He’s trying to support the mother, but at times he has know idea how to soothe the baby or be there for the mother.

Understand that the tough times are just as common as the smiles and naps. The important thing is to remember to communicate and talk. Give each other “me time” so that you continue to nourish your own soul. Understand that each of you are doing your best.

If you are pregnant, I recommend that you and your partner take as many classes as possible. Not only the standard classes but also classes like Sacred Pregnancy, Hypnobirthing, the Bradley Method, and so on. Connect with your partner on a deeper level before your little ones arrives. The more preparation you can do the more simple life will be when the baby arrives, and believe it or not the dad’s need more preparation in this area than we give them credit for.


Advanced (26# x2), Intermediate (18# x2), Beginner (9# x2)
4 Rounds
6 Double KB cleans
12 Double KB overhead walking lunges
50 Double unders (or 250m row)
-Rest 2 min- 

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