Believe what you say.

Affirmations are strong. The power of the mind is even stronger. When you start to believe exactly what you are saying then you are absolutely unstoppable. Every few months I rewrite my personal affirmation. This is mine for the next few months:
I am in my most optimal condition yet always evolving and growing. I radiate love to all that I coach, consult, and treat as patients. I provide practical, real advice drawing from all energy levels. I am successful. I am fully booked with classes, clients, patients, and workshops. I am motivated today. 


10 Power cleans (135#)
20 Box jumps or step ups
30 Air squats
40 Walking lunges with plate overhead (25#)
500m Row
40 Walking lunges with plate overhead
30 Air squats
20 Box jumps or or step ups
10 Power cleans 
Power cleans can be done with dumb bells or KBs. Weight should be heavier but still manageable. If box jumps or step ups are not okay, then do walking lunges with 25# dumb bells. The row can be a 400m run if you would like. 

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