What is BirthFIT’s Plan A?

Plan A is BirthFIT’s exclusive eight week program designed to get women BirthFIT. Each week has a central theme with specific recommendations for nutrition, fitness, and spiritual wellbeing just for the woman that is completing Plan A. The program includes a nutrition clean up and finding a fitness program that is tailored just for your individual needs and desires. This program is designed for women prepping to have children, women who have recently come off of birth control, and even women that have had a child that need/want to get BirthFIT for their next child. Dr. Lindsey Mathews personally coaches each client throughout each week either in person or through email/skype/phone. Therefore, space is limited. As of right now, there are two spots available to start mid February 1st, 2013. Contact Dr. Mathews directly via Lindsey@birthfit.com if you are interested.


BirthFIT Basics morning workshop at CrossFit Anacapa this coming Saturday, January 26th. Contact Alex if you are interested (805-748-1099).

Sacred Pregnancy classes start Sundaym February 3rd at The Birth Sanctuary. Contact Nicole if you are interested (310- 566 – 7690).


Buy in: 30 alternating pistols
21 dead lifts
500m Row
15 dead lifts
500m Row
9 dead lifts
500m Row
Buy out: 30 alternating pistols


Advanced: 175# dead lifts and perform WOD as written.
Intermediate: 135# dead lifts, 20 pistols to buy in and buy out.
Beginner: 65-95# dead lifts, 10 pistols to buy in and buy out.
Hold onto something for balance during pistols and/or put a 5# weight under your heel to increase range of motion.

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