Everything in life is a competition.

This past weekend I experienced The Fittest Games in Austin, Texas put on by CrossFit Central. The competition was at their new location in downtown Austin. Individuals and teams traveled from Omaha, Oklahoma, Dallas, and of course many other Texas cities to compete on Friday and Saturday.

One thing I walked away from this weekend was that everyone is a competitor. Games athletes, regional’s athletes, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and many amateurs competed this weekend. The vibe was welcoming. The attitudes were optimistic. All the while, everyone was competing.

Everything in life is a competition. Your attitude towards competition is what makes or breaks the adaptation to change and/or benefit. No one at The Fittest Games this past weekend took the competition so seriously that it wasn’t enjoyable, not even Karen Pierce who was competing for her title for the Triple Crown of Texas.


My quest for you is that you start to view every single one of life’s task as a competition. Eat with integrity. Do the dishes with pride. Make the bed as if it’s the only chance you can ever make the bed. Do everything in life the best you can do.

Imagine if everyone in life acted with integrity in every single life’s task.

10 min AMRAP
Advanced (35#), Intermediate (25#), Beginner (15#)
3, 6, 9…
Dumb bell clean and jerks
Pull ups 

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