Flu Vaccine: Not a fan.

While on the plane on my way to Austin, Texas for The Fittest Games, I read a copy of FitPregnancy. After reading the magazine I was more pissed than pleased with information pregnant women are provided. As with most magazines there is a Q&A section.  One reader wrote in that she was pregnant and her care provider had recommended the flu vaccination. The answer that was provided to this poor woman could not have been further from the truth.
The flu vaccine is everywhere. In every pharmacy window there is a sign that says, “Flu Vaccines Here.” Every year there is a big push in the fall to get your flu vaccine before the flu gets you. In fact, an article in the NY Times just released this week that the FDA approved a genetically modified version of the regular ‘ole flu vaccine to be available this year. That means this version of the flu vaccine, much like every other version, has never been tested on humans nor been tested for long term effects such as damage to the central nervous system.


HOLD UP PEOPLE! The flu vaccination does more harm than good. Years ago this vaccination was not recommended to pregnant women, elder men and women, or those with compromised immune systems. Now the vaccination is practically shoved down the throat of every person in our society.

The flu vaccine contains aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, MSG, and thimerosal. Aluminum is a metal linked to Alzheimer’s, Formaldehyde is used to preserve dead bodies and terrible for the central nervous system. MSG is a neurotoxin. And, thimerosal is a mercury compound.

I would not want any of the above injected into my body. Nor would I allow for the possibility those particular toxins to cross over to reach my baby while pregnant. There are huge risks for the flu vaccination, yet the handout is almost never given out. A colleague of mine wrote an article a while back and included the difficult time that he had in actually obtaining the handout with the fine print of the flu vaccine.


Take control of your health. Eat clean and boost your immune system before the so-called ‘flu season’ hits. Here’s a list of what I recommend to boost your immune system:

  • Get adequate sleep: 8 plus hours a night.
  • Hydrate: drink at least 3 liters of water a day.
  • Probiotics: take a cylce of probiotics when your stressed, exhausted, or you feel that your body is just not right. Otherwise, eat priobiotic foods like kraut and kimchi.
  • Fish Oil: keep inflammation out and your omega levels adequate.
  • Garlic: put in meals because it has major immune boosting powers.
  • Ginger, lemon, and water: this is the first thing I have upon waking in the morning. This combinations aids digestions as well as supports the adrenal glands.
Advanced (35#), Intermediate (25#), Beginner (15#)
5 DB Front Squats
60m Shuttle
10 DB Front Squats
60m Shuttle
15 DB Front Squats
60 m Shuttle
20 DB Front Squats
60 m Shuttle
KB or BB front squats are fine. Do whatever is more comfortable (BB is 65#).
Run can be a 500m row if that is more comfortable. 

4 comments to " Flu Vaccine: Not a fan. "
  • Not to mention…it doesn’t work! Over half of the people I know who got the flu this year got a flu shot. Thank you Lindsey!
    Also, I’m curious…how do you feel about cod liver oil as opposed to fish oil?

    • I feel like FCLO and fish oil can be used together at times. Other times, the patient would be benefit more from just fish oil or just FCLO. Really just depends on the patient and their bloodwork.

  • I was given SUCH a hard time by my ultrasound OB when he found out I didn’t get the flu vaccine. He made sure to mention that he had a pregnant patient die of the flu. Awesome. I’m 20 weeks and feeling great and it’s been a long time since I’ve had the flu! I hate how many Doctors try to intimidate or guilt women, especially pregnant women into certain vaccinations.

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