What to look forward to?

In the near future…

  • What is BirthFIT? [eBook]
  • BirthFIT Basics January 26th at CrossFit Anacapa
  • BirthFIT fitness classes for moms-to-be & postpartum
  • Awesome interviews with BirthFIT moms & even a BirthFIT dad
  • BirthFIT in the South Bay [The Gurus Gate]belly


2 Rounds
Row 500m (or 400m run)
-rest 2 min-
1 min. max KB snatches (44#, 35#18#)
1 min. max situps
-rest 2 min-
1 min max pull ups or ring pulls
1 min max front squats (95#, 65#, 45#)
-rest 2 min-
Row 500m (or 400m run)
Row can be a run if more comfortable or you don’t have a rower.
KB snatches can be push press if you prefer.
Substitute hollow rocks for situps.
Front squats can be done with KB also.

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