Yes, a vaginal breech birth is normal.

“OMG, I’m breech!”

It’s completely common. At around 31-32 weeks of pregnancy one in three babies present as breech. By birth, that percentage diminishes drastically to 3-4%. Carrying a baby that is breech is not the end of the world.


The problem with our modern society is that there are very few professionals that are skilled in breech delivery. Therefore, it makes having a vaginal breech birth very difficult to carry out.

The real negative tone setter for the breech situation came from the Term Breech Trial published in 2000. This study was conducted only by ObGyns in a hospital setting. There were no midwives, no home births, and far too much drug and machine intervention. The women were wired up and flat on their back in a bed.

If your baby presents as breech, the worst thing you can do is stress. Meditate, let it settle, and then take action. There are numerous healing modalities in our world that have been available for centuries to encourage the baby to flip and to support the woman during a vaginal breech birth.

On your own, be conscious of how you sit and stand. Present your heart to the world and stand symmetrical. Avoid leaning to one side or the other. Visualize, meditate, and talk to you baby daily. Five minutes a day is a great start. Checkout Spinning Babies to aid you in some inversion techniques.

As for professional help, get to a chiropractor sooner than later. A chiropractor, like myself, can balance muscles, release ligament tension, and deliver specific adjustments to put the body in an optimal structural alignment. A chiropractic visit may be needed once or daily. This offers the baby an optimal environment in which to move around in.


Acupuncture offers a treatment called moxibustion in which you burn an herbal incense around your little toes. Reiki and other energy healers can bring the energy fields and chakras back into harmony.

When a baby presents breech, I encourage women to slow down and take a look inside themselves. Be calm and check out of the fast paced life for a few days. There are numerous healers out there. Be open to what the world has to offer.

And remember, there are such experiences as vaginal breech births, and they are safe and normal. There are numerous techniques and movements utilized during labor to help the woman maneuver her body and give birth safely to her baby. Find the practitioners that you love and trust.


Warm Up
lunge twist
toy soldiers
high knees
butt kickers
broad jumps
A skips
bounding skips
two “starts” then jog it out
warm up on clean and jerks
Advanced (95#), Intermediate(65#) , and Beginner (45#)
4 Rounds
10 hang clean and jerks
100m sprint
100m bear crawl
Take you time. Rest when needed.

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