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I’ve mentioned before that I will release my first eBook very soon. January 31st, 2013 is my goal. The eBook is in the final editing stages. What that means is that I’m a perfectionist, and I keep rereading it to make sure all points are made and the piece flows nicely. Below is the definition of BirthFIT that I lay down in the book and explain thoroughly.

  • Chiropractic. To be structurally balanced, free of subluxation, so that the nervous system can function ideally and communicate with all systems of the body.
  • Nutrition. To establish a foundation of nutrition and consume a diet of real high quality foods like meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats.
  • Fitness. To functionally train utilizing the whole body so that you are prepared for any physical task in life, whether it is picking up your child or evacuating your house in the case of an emergency. 
Warm Up
800m Jog
20 squats
400m Jog
10 good mornings
200m Jog
10 PVC overhead squats
Advanced (55#), Intermediate (35#), Beginner (15#)
AMRAP 8 minutes
30 second plank hold
20 farmer’s carry lunges
10 pull uPs
5 dips (rings or bar dips)


Beginners may want to do 6 min instead of 8 min.
pull ups can definitely be done with bands

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