BirthFIT in Sacred Pregnancy’s Winter Edition

The winter issue of the Sacred Pregnancy was released this week. Your BirthFIT founder Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C., wrote an article discussing how the gut flora gets establish through a vaginal birth and what to do if you have a cesarean section birth. To order your copy click on the SP website link above. Enjoy your rest day. XO



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  • Alex

    Do you have any of these classes in LA? or would this seminar be the closest?Thank you!

    • Hi Alex. Currently the BirthFIT Basics Workshop is only scheduled for CrossFit Anacapa and CrossFit Fly in the OC. However, I am based out of Los Angeles and do private consultations for women. I will also be starting general pregnancy and postpartum fitness classes the first of March. Email me with anymore questions (

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