Beauty is achieved.

Beauty is like a fine wine. It takes time to perfect. Experience creates different dimensions and complexities in each individual just as it does in wine. To appreciate beauty means that you see and feel what truly radiates from the inside out. We are all diverse. Our genes, the shape of feet, the contours of our bodies, the aromas that we give off, and even the energy we emit are all distinct to our beings.

It is very sad to me that our society has lost what it means to truly be beautiful. There are beautiful women around me daily, but you would never see them on the cover of US Weekly or People Magazine or even Women’s Health. Why? Well, because majority of our society does not know how or when to appreciate beauty.

Are we not independent enough to think for ourselves in regards to our health and beauty?

Not only does the media do a poor job of portraying news, but they have also deceived many Americans into what is “good looking.” I use the term “good looking” because it most certainly does not mean beautiful. What is “good looking” is only surface deep. It is what magazines have stylized. It is what plastic surgeons have mastered.

I do want to live in a society where we are all “good looking.” Where everyone has the same nose, chin, hair color, or even same clothing and take the same pills and drive the same vehicles. I want to live in a society that exudes beauty. Where the lines on a woman’s body represent her achievements and the community respects what radiates from a person’s heart rather than what is on her skin.



Warm Up
Shoulder warm up (watch previous video)
Jog 10 min
10 good mornings 
10 squata
10 weighted lunges 
10 single leg dead lifts 
Tabata air squats
-Rest 2 min-
EMOM 10 min
Odd-10 Dead lifts (Advanced (175#), Intermediate(135#), Beginner (95#))
Even- 10 Inverted burpees
-Rest 2 min-
Tabata air squats 

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