The simple truth about vitamin D.

Fat soluble vitamins are critical to our health and wellbeing. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are all fat soluble vitamins, and they work synergistically. These vitamins are very important for reproductive health. Diets that are low fat, no fat, and vegan are significantly lacking these fat soluble vitamins.
Vitamin D is basically a group of vitamins that are precursors to many hormones and particularly important in endocrine health and immune function. More times than not, if you have adrenal issues then you probably have vitamin D issues. Vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are the most common forms of vitamin D.

As always, I encourage my patients/clients to supplement with real food first. One can obtain vitamin D from sunlight and certain foods like mackeral, oysters, sardines, and egg yolks.

Sunlight will convert the precursor 7-dehydro-cholesterol in our skin to vitamin D3. This particular D3 and the D3 obtained from food will be converted in the liver into 25-hydroxy-vitamin D. The 25D levels are what is measured when an individual gets their vitamin D levels tested. Optimal vitamin D levels are between 35-50ng/mL. (Kresser)

Most people are significantly lacking in their levels of vitamin D. Vitamin deficiencies have been linked to autoimmune disorders, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Before trying to up your levels of vitamin D, I recommend getting your vitamin D levels tested. Every individual is different, and different seasons will have an affect on your vitamin D levels. I recommend testing you vitamin D levels quarterly for the first year. That way you have some sort of base and can do trial and error from there.

Each individual metabolizes vitamin D differently based on various things going on within their bodies. The RDA of 600IU vitamin D may not be ideal for everyone. Some individuals may need significantly more and some may need far less. This is why testing your levels of vitamin D and tinkering with them is ideal. The same vitamin D protocol does not work for everyone.

As with everything, I recommend real food first and foremost to get all your nutrients. However, if you do need vitamin D supplementation, get your levels tested before you end up consuming without a purpose. Supplementation can have a significant beneficial effect especially when you play the game smart. To test your vitamin D levels visit Direct Labs or other similar websites to talk to your wellness doctor.


Warm Up
Two Rounds: 
500m Row or 800m Jog
10 Glute bridges
10 Good mornings with PVC on back
10 PVC dead lifts
10 PVC shoulder dislocates or pass throughs 
Advanced (175#), Intermediate (135#), Beginner (95# or less)
4 Rounds
10 Dead lifts
20 Hollow rocks
30m Duck walk
Weight for dead lifts should be a weight in which you can do 10 reps of at least first two rounds. 
Hollow hold for 30s can be done instead of hollow rocks. 
1 min in the bottom of a squat can be substituted for duck walk especially if you need to hold onto something. 

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