BirthFIT: Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty… what the heck does that mean?
This will be the first of many posts in regards to clean beauty. You may have the nutrition dialed in, a regular fitness routine, and on a strict schedule to see your chiropractor for maintenance. However, you could be causing more harm than good with the beauty products you use on a daily basis.

Start to think about it. Are you using real food products or organic products on your face? What exactly is in the goo you wash your hair with? And, honestly, do you still use the deodorant from CVS? Let’s clean it up ladies.

I understand beauty. Believe me. I have grey hair that I’ve had since my mid 20s. Not ideal but I’ve learned to cope. I have the thickest of thick eyebrows and definitely on the hairier side of things than not. I get blemishes, and I smell at times. I’ve sought out the most organic way to conquer these womanly issues. I don’t want to jeopardize my health for vanity reasons. Not worth it.

I live, eat, and breathe BirthFIT today, tomorrow, and years to come!

Warm Up
Shoulder warm up (see video from yesterday)
10m lunge twist
10m lunge with elbow tap
10m side lunge 
10m side lunge (opp)
10m toy soldier
10m frog hops (broad jumps but start in bottom of squat)
Advanced (44#), Intermediate (26#), Beginner (18#)
1000m Run 
-Rest 2 min-
EMOM 10 minutes
Odd: 20 Squats
Even: 6 KB Push Press
-Rest 2 min-
1000m Run 
Details and Modifications
Weight is always what you feel comfortable with for the day. 
Alternate between arms on KB Push Press. 
Beginners should run 400m instead of 1000m. 
Take more rest between if you need. 

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  • I have the same extra skin problem. I feel like I look prgenant even when I’m not, it really sucks! I think eventually when I’m done having kids (maybe one more) and when we can afford it I will have a tuck too. I hate this flap! I call it my leftovers. Thanks for sharing!

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