You can be BIRTHFIT!

Are you pregnant with a desire to exercise in a safe, effective manner?

You are in the right spot.

BIRTHFIT has been at the forefront of the prenatal and postpartum exercise industry since 2013. BIRTHFIT provides safe, effective strength and conditioning training for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.
As industry leaders, we provide exercise programs to cultivate connection and enhance awareness through efficient, sustainable movement throughout the motherhood transition.
Imagine feeling empowered and safe in your body.
Imagine feeling a deep trust in your body and the process.
Imagine feeling informed to make the best choices for you and your family.

We are here to support you.  

BIRTHFIT does not accommodate refunds or transfers for consultations or online programs. Please note that all programs expire within one year of purchase date. By purchasing you are agreeing to these terms.


BIRTHFIT Prenatal Online Program        

Cost: $299 (full program)

Do Pregnancy Different! Holistic, Full-Term Prenatal Strength and Conditioning Program

This program is four training days a week with an additional active recovery day. Each day has core and pelvic floor prehab, strength, conditioning, and movements and poses to get your mind and body ready for birth. The entire full-term program can be done with a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells, and two super bands (mini and a medium). 

There is no better time to embrace movement with your body than pregnancy. In this program you’ll gain more awareness and connection with your body, while also training efficiently and sustainably for the birth that you desire. This general strength and conditioning program is perfect for YOU. This program is open to all levels and all fitness backgrounds. There are movement suggestions and progressions for each training day so you’ll always have options based on how your body feels that day. All of our training programs are delivered via the TrainHeroic platform. You’ll need to download this app on your mobile device. Videos and chat options are available. TrainHeroic is available for tech support. We are here to support you along your pregnancy journey. 


Want more one on one guidance? For an additional $99, you can join our Small Group Coaching. NEXT Class starts May 10th!



BIRTHFIT Prenatal Small Group Virtual Coaching          

Cost: $398 (full program)

Coaching starts May 10th! Coach Leah or Coach Lindsey will be leading 4-weeks of VIRTUAL coaching. Discussion topics include prenatal training, birth education, postpartum planning, and more. The goal of this is to give you tools needed to prepare for birth and the immediate postpartum. **Includes Prenatal Online Program

Call dates and times: May 10, 17, 24, 31 at 5:30pm CST

Upcoming 2021 Dates: COMING SOON!

Upon purchase you will create a Kajabi account (small group info is located here) and you will get NEXT STEPS on creating your TrainHeroic account to set your start date for your Prenatal Program! ONLINE coaching and support included!




BIRTHFIT Consultation       

Cost: $79 

For the Woman in the Motherhood Transition
Are you ready to explore your fears, desires, and values around birth? Inside this consult, you will discover new avenues to cultivate during your pregnancy or immediate postpartum period. Our team will offer specific strategies to enhance each of your four pillars as well as some intangible guidance. After your call, you will receive an outline of what was discussed so that you may start practicing and be in action around your desires and values.