BIRTHFIT Return to Running            

Cost: $99 (full program)

Twelve-Week Program for the Postpartum Athlete.

This program is designed to create and re-establish a base level for running after giving birth. It is intended to be done only after you have completed the BIRTHFIT Basics: Postpartum program. As a reminder, we do not recommend running, jumping, or other dynamic movements within the initial eight weeks postpartum. We recommend this training for all postpartum people who have given birth in the last two to three years

BIRTHFIT Return to Running takes into account conditioning as well as unilateral strength and emphasizes that you do the warm ups and bring an awareness around nasal breathing. This program is about embracing the journey and being present in the training moments. It will be challenging, frustrating, and rewarding.

Each session is about forty to sixty minutes depending on how efficient you are and the actual length of the programming that day. You can do this in conjunction with the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Training Program.

*Can be done with limited equipment

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*We do not offer refunds or transfers to other programs.