BIRTHFIT Postpartum Package          

Cost: $239 (Lying In + BIRTHFIT Basics + Postpartum Program)

Online Program for the Postpartum Athlete. 

This is BIRTHFIT’s comprehensive postpartum training program, which includes Lying In, thirty BIRTHFIT Basics sessions, and finishing with twelve weeks of postpartum training. This Postpartum Program Package will cover your initial five months postpartum.

This program is ideal for anyone that has given birth- vaginal or cesarean. This is a  total body rehab program, with a specific focus on core and pelvic floor. We heal from the inside out.


This is our version of a lying in period for the modern, multidimensional birthing parent. We live in a culture that does not honor or respect the initial year postpartum, and we are determined to change that. The early postpartum period is a beautiful opportunity to reset and practice grounding. This thirty day guide has been designed to give you some guidance as to how to intentionally nourish your physical body through breath  and movement  to shift energy and facilitate healing.


BIRTHFIT Basics are a group of range of motion and/or developmental movements used to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of training. BIRTHFIT Basics are simple poses and/or movements that we employ to embrace a conversation with our physical body. BIRTHFIT Basics gives us the opportunity to establish a mind-body connection in the present moment. There are thirty (30) sessions of bodyweight movements that can be done daily or every other day. Please note that if you do every other day  for the BIRTHFIT Basics, then your postpartum package will take you through six months postpartum.


The final twelve weeks of training are designed to create and establish a base level of fitness before specializing in a sport and/or movement practice such as CrossFit, Orange Theory, Running, etc. This is a general strength and conditioning program that will focus on breathing patterns and incorporating breath into more complex movements such as a loaded squat or deadlift or press. This program is twelve weeks with four training days a week and progressive loads to challenge and adapt your system. ONLY AFTER completing this program do we recommend running, CrossFit, Orange Theory, or sport specific training.

NOTE: Upon purchase you will be able to pick your own start date and have full access for one calendar year.

*We do not offer refunds or transfers to other programs.