BIRTHFIT Basics: Postpartum            

Cost: $99 (full program)

30 Day Online Program for the Postpartum Athlete.

This program is ideal for those that have given birth in the last four weeks to a year (vaginal or cesarean), anyone that has had a baby and is new to BIRTHFIT, and anyone that wants to embrace an intentional rehab approach after giving birth (vaginal or cesarean).

What are BIRTHFIT Basics?

BIRTHFIT Basics are a group of range of motion and/or developmental movements used to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of training. BIRTHFIT Basics are simple poses and/or movements that we employ to embrace a conversation with our physical body. BIRTHFIT Basics gives us the opportunity to establish a mind-body connection in the present moment. .

This program is thirty (30) days of all bodyweight movements. The second half of this program will have almost twice as much volume as the first half; however, at no time should you rush through the program and poses and/or movements. The priority will always be quality and intentionality and being present in your body.

Over 30 days you will learn, re-learn, practice, and integrate the BIRTHFIT Basic poses and/or movements as well as other bodyweight movements. We will bring awareness to our breath and create stability via our internal pressure system and coordinating muscles and connective tissue. We will have no expectations or assumptions in regard to our physical body as this is a new chapter. We will embrace each breath, rep, and movement session as an opportunity to converse with our body and listen.


  • Learn and practice diaphragm breathing and task-specific intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Learn and practice all BIRTHFIT Basic Movements
    • Happy Baby
    • Dead Bug
    • Side Plank
    • Oblique Sit
    • Shin Box
    • Table Top
    • Segmental Cat-Cow
    • Bird Dog
    • Tripod
    • Squat
    • Bear
    • Stand
    • Neck ROM
    • Shoulder ROM
    • Hip ROM

Upon purchase you will create your TrainHeroic account and set your start date. ONLINE coaching and support included!

We do not offer refunds or transfers to other programs.